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Gang Prevention

We work with confidence when dealing with the Gang culture because its a understanding that you must have. Founder- Willie Pettiford began glorifying street gangs at the age of 8 years old because of the sense of power and he didn't leave that lifestyle till his early 20's. Like no other he fully understands the reason of joining and curiosity wanting to join a gang, *Teachings from the Destroy & Restore Gang Prevention Curriculum created by W.Pettiford*



It takes a true leader with pure ambition to go into entrepreneurship, but if you pay attention to your son thoughts and wishes rather if its selling drugs or selling water bottles, either way he has the ambition now we just have to switch his focus from the negative to the positive. We introduce our youth to local and national business owners to spark the inner genius within him.


Self - DefenseTrianing

It is common for students to experience a spectrum of emotions and lack of self esteem.. The most common emotion is fear. VOTS students learn how to work with fear and eventually change it into an empowering emotion. For many, fear stops people from finding freedom and low self esteem cause youth to search for power such as Gangs. Our self defense training builds confidence and teaches young men to think through difficult situations and also teaches techniques for self protection, *Sparing sessions to practice techniques* 


Most young mean have the wrong meaning of  Masculinity, they have seen rappers or even men in community exemplify to wrong behaviors of masculinity. True leadership in the positive light reflects masculinity, true masculinity is a man that believes in himself enough to walk with his head up, doing what is right for himself and his people. Are you the Alpha in the room?

Afirkan & Black Culture
If you ever sit back and look at the education our youth have been receiving you'll quickly see that there is not type knowledge of true self. Our history started way before slavery so is that’s where most youth think that’s where we started. In VOTS we research, study documentaries and discuss true Afrikan culture. For our youth to better understand how black on black crime evolved with into black history in America.
Community Outreach

It's so important that we continue to reach back and grab the hand of other brother when you make it out because that's the only way from bondage and oppression. We have seen how good it makes a young man feel when goes into the community and put a smile on the face of his people by showing them they are not forgotten. It's only right to build our community up to where we think it should be.


8am - 5pm
Monday - Friday

Greensboro, NC (336) 456-2461
Lynchbyrg, VA (863) 651-3290



"Young King, your mind will mature beyond today so dont just live for today!" - W. Pettiford

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